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Our Story

Since 2011, our family owned and operated company has helped Missouri landowners improve the value and satisfaction of their property through sound vegetation and land clearing.

We are also WBE Certified. WBE means we are certified through government agencies like the EPA, or MODOT.

MW Land Clearing Service Offers Land-Clearing Services for All Types of Projects

We have cleared land for utility easements, public right of ways, subdivisions, livestock pastures, gravel pits, and vista enhancement cuts. Our commercial mower leaves an attractive appearance to the land, free of brush and small trees, ready for conversion. The land clearing Cat Brush Mower pushes brush and trees forward, cutting everything close to the ground, then runs over the cut materials effectively re-cutting them into small clippings. The clippings quickly deteriorate and fertilize the soil.

State of the Art

State of the art brush mower clears everything in its path or works around selected trees and shrubs, making this machine perfect for the removal of brush for a right of ways, parks, trails, survey lines, wildland-urban interface areas.
Removes underbrush and small trees
Reduces undergrowth into small cuttings that lay flat on the ground, deteriorating within weeks, fertilizing the soil
Does not damage the environment

Brush Mowing Benefits

Saves Time and Money over Traditional Clearing Methods
Perfect for Tree Thinning and Underbrush Removal
Does Not Harm Areas of Growth or Trees You Wish to Retain
Saves Cost of Debris Hauling and Disposal
Service of Choice for Forest Reclamation, Retention Pond Clearing and Path Maintenance
Protects Against Erosion and Runoff Problems Caused by Other Land Clearing Methods
Perfect for Reclaiming Pasture Land
Retains Soil Enriching Nutrients From Organic Mulch
Does not Disturb Topsoil or The Land
No Permits Required
None of the Negative Impacts Caused By Burning
Does Not Harm Surrounding Property

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