Why We Mulch

We are so passionate about mulching because…

  • There are no piles to burn.
  • You don’t have holes to fill.
  • No stumps sticking up as eye sores or tripping hazards.
  • The existing topsoil stays in place.
  • As mulch breaks down, the organic matter builds new, enriched topsoil.
  • You’ll have more drought resistant pastures due to moisture retention in the mulch.
  • You have less sprout-back of woody vegetation.

Here’s what the USDA/NRCS says about how organic matter like mulch improves your soil:

The surface structure becomes more stable and less prone to crusting and erosion.

Water infiltration increases and runoff decreases when soil structure improves.

Soil organic matter holds 10 to 1,000 times more water and nutrients than the same amount of soil minerals.

Beneficial soil organisms become more numerous and active with diverse crop rotations and higher organic matter levels.

Dust, allergens, and pathogens in the air immediately decline.

Sediment and nutrient loads decline in surface water as soon as soil aggregation increases and runoff decreases.

Ground and surface water quality improvement because of the better structure, infiltration, and biological activity make soil a more effective filter.

Crops are better able to withstand drought when infiltration and water holding capacity increase.

… Soils managed for organic matter may suppress disease organisms, which could reduce pesticide needs.

Crop health and vigor increase when soil biological activity and diversity increase.

Wildlife habitat improves when residue management improves.

We mulch, because we care about your long-term success!

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